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Artist :Adina Howard
Album :Do You Wanna Ride?
Title :

Let's Go to Da Sugar Shack

If we make loveooh ooh
Lemme call Aquanetta
See if she wanna go to da suga shack
I'm in da moodhey
[Phone ringing]
Pick up...

Sit yo' ass down!
I ain't playin' wit you!
Sit down





Girlturn dat dow...tell one of yo' bad ass kids to turn dat music

Hol' up a second! Seschwan turn the music down!
(Talking at the same time)

And LaQueshaput down that bone!

You...you wanna go to da sugar shack.

Sugar shack?

It's only fi' dollas. Fi' dollas.

Good lawd that's a lotta money!!!!

Oh...you always broke. You ain't never got no money!

Ooh weechil'now you know ain't need to go dere!

I got yo' back like I always do. Just remember to pay me at the
beginning of the month when you get yo' checkokay?

Mmm hmm...

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