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Artist :Big & Rich
Album :Comin' to Your City
Title :

Caught up in The Moment

She was sittin' at a bar in LAXreadin' Cosmo "how to have good sex"
When she saw him walking through the security check
Well she gave him a winksaidcome over here, hey hey good lookin'
Can I buy you a beer?It's like Nelly saidIt's gettin hot in here!
She saidI'm headin' out to Vegas on a 747 in 35 minutes down at gate 11
If you wanna get lucky I'll take you to Heaven
He said, I got a million dollar meeting up in New York City
If I ain't there it'll be a cryin' pitybut somethin' 'bout you's too damn pretty!"


Yeahthey got a caught up in the momentcouldn't help themselves
They got caught up in the momentgot wild as hell
It was everything they wanted right then and there
They got caught up in the momentcaught upcaught up

At 20000 feet on a South West flight she whispered to himWe ain't got all night
So he reached up and turned off the overhead light
And by the time they landed sure enough it was more than lustbut less then love
Ther were full-fledged members of the "you know what club"!


He was 10 grand up at a blackjack tableshe was dressed to the nines
Drinkin' fine Black Label he saidI think I'm gonna cash out and buy you a diamond ring
So they headed down the strip to the wedding chapel in a stretch limousine that was
Candy Applegot married by a preacher man that looked just like the king!


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