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Artist :ALO
Album :Fly Between Falls
Title :

Waiting for Jaden

The telephone was ringing
Grandparents were frantically running about
And everyone kept asking
"When's that baby coming out?"
WellEarth Day 2000 was her due date
But by May the 4thJaden was late

So we were waitingwaiting for Jadenoooh...

We wanted to have you naturally
So we searched out all the possible remedies
Hot sexnipple stimulationcastor oiland gory movies
And by that Friday
They were threatening to induce
And we pleaded with you to come out
And call it a truce

Jaden can't you hear what we sayyour mother and I want you to come out and play

It was Cinco de Mayo
And while patriots were cruising the boulevard
Your mother was pushing
And she was pushing hard
The stroke of midnight
And she pushed once more
And at 12:02 on May the 6th

Jaden was born

Now were elatedelated for Jadenoooh...

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