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Artist :Bedouin Soundclash
Album :Street Gospels
Title :

Bells Of 59

One afternoon i heard a sound coming (come down)
And when it came it took a piece of me away (come down)

So Coming Down, Coming down, Coming down.
Theres a sound, Theres a sound, Coming down.
And in the night, In the night at first light
Come the bells of 59.

Now in my sould is a song i Sing out, (Sing out)
And to the beat i can feel my heart beat
And now i breathe, now i breathe, I can breath (Breathe Out)


If one day i cannot make it home,
Then let me go (Let go)
And in my bones I can feel the bells low
Swinging low through my soul (Swing low)


Come the Bells of 59

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