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Artist :Backstreet Boys
Album :Unbreakable
Title :

Love Will Keep You Up All Night

I won't tell nobody
I'll just scream it in my mind
Nothing good in life is scripted
It's not like we predicted
That the one you want
Is gonna be the one you thought

I won't tell nobody
But I won't live like a prisoner
Nothing has to be so perfect
Can you tell me was it worth it
Because the heart can't lie
And even though the face may try
Love can keep you up all night

Cause love will keep you up all night
There's nothing that you can't decide
One day you're all alone
And next you're crying on the phone
Love will keep you up all night
You've got a taste of sweet divine

Took you to the other side
Love will keep you up all night

If I don't tell a living soul
Still everyone would know (yes they would)
It's always 3 am somewhere
You know it when you get there
See people try to cover it up
Some people think it's never enough


I don't mean to scare you
But everybody has a first time
But one day when you're old and gray
Don't look back and never say
You should have tried
Stayin� up all night

Chorus x 2

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