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Artist :Atmosphere
Album :When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Title :


She got a condition of the heart
A heart condition
So as a kid she had to adapt to smarter living
Not much room to rebel because of health
no drugs, no booze, just kiss and tell
well known on the scene
jailbait queen
had the first baby barely eighteen
father of the child was after one thing
when the daughter came the dad was unseen
it don't matter he aint got a job
so she had to go to work and leave the baby with her mom
second shift till the neck is stiff
but she worked it and built her own nest to live
soon after that baby's daddy slash lazy bum
with no cash he want to come over and crash
he want to play his part
so she let him move in to that garden level apartment
she knew better''”she did it anyways
explain better when your trying to see some better days
the suns up catch those rays
butterfly style who's got chase

but she still dreams after she woke
tight hold on that hope
sometimes it can seem so cold
do what you got to do to cope


Two years later two months pregnant
Same daddy same broke ass situation
This time the doc said that her heart might break
Praise god that the job got her health benefits straight
she believes in the right to choice
but she loves baby girl and she wants a boy
makes more now a days on the day shift
balance that with night class
take some time and space and make it all fit
the apartment they now live in is overcrowded
raised her voice and made her point
told that boy go get employed
he put on his best shirt
said he wasn't coming back till he gets work
she knew what that part meant
so she swept every piece out that apartment
peace out keep out
take the scenic route
rather only have to feed three mouths
she adapts to everything know
and nobody asks what she dreams out

Chorus X 2

Little girl was the first reason to breathe
And the little man was the first man she believed in
She gotta live right and do right by self
She do for self she don't want your help
Afraid of being alone
But fear aint enough to knock her off of that stone
Gonna make that home her home
with or without a man that she can call her own
big boss at work is anxious
continues to hand her the wrong advances
she passes the test
she knew the answers
quit the job to go take a chance
with life
this is life we all scream
while we pray for dollars and we work for change
its all the same, we all struggle
sometimes you gotta say f**k you
when you smile and she doesn't return it
give her room and don't disturb it
if it makes it hurt less to curse and fight
go ahead and hate the world girl you've earned the right

chorus X3

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