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Artist :Anti Flag
Album :People Or the Gun
Title :

When All The Lights Go Out

One billion workers stand up from their chairs.
Their faces no longer struck with their fears.
Stabbed in the back.
Traitors trade face to face.
Revolution... the engine for history.
When all the lights go out.
When all the world is in doubt.
When all the goods cease to move.
I won't be alone.
When all eh swords become plows.
When all the fields are afoul.
When all the cogs cease to turn.
I won't be alone.
Punching the clock, stabbing the boss.
We don't need the CEO's they need us.

Outsourced for a hack.
Displace and replace.
Proletarians of the world unite;
you have nothing to lose but your chains.
We are not numbers.
We are names.
We won't be alone.
We are not crime reports.
We are history.
We won't be alone.
We are not folklore.
We are culture.
We won't be alone.
We are not human resources.
We are human beings.
I won't be....We won't be alone.

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