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Artist :Behemoth
Album :Evangelion
Title :

Defiling Morality Ov Black God

Grant me profane kiss, oh Isis mother of all

Thy lips like morphine, teasing my slumbering heart

Release me, this cosmos is way too small

Come down on earth, evangelize

Ravishing muse abduct my spirit

And bury my will in spacious beyond

That human thought can never reach

Alight upon the earth and consecrate my engines of life

And so I chant that triumph of might

Trampling kingdoms of conscience

I, the archangel of wrath with one word, the unholy sword

I overmastered every image of god

I come in splendor and golden glory

Seeking war trophies and sacred spoils

To purify this heart of mine, to cast away rotten rood

Defile morality of the blind god

Defiling morality of black god

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