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Artist :Black Crowes
Album :Before the Frost...Until the Freeze
Title :

A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound

As I listen to the wheels
Hear them going round and round
It reminds me of a train
that still makes a lonely sound
It reminds me of a girl
that came from Knoxville town
? and now on that April day
when she took this ol' boy down

Oh, Tennesee you got me runnin
but I'm not coming back this time
Way out west is where I'm goin
to forget the one I left behind

Well I might have seen Moses
Standin on the Penn state line
just another wanderer
with an angel on his mind
I know love it has its reason
way it comes and it goes
There's no mystery in season
Or of this heart cold grows?

3x Oh, Tennesee..

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