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Artist :Big Star
Album :Keep An Eye On The Sky
Title :

Daisy Glaze

I'm driving alone

Sad about you

Not goin' home

What to do?

You better not leave me here

Better not leave me here

I want you here

How can you leave me here?

I lie in a stream

And floating fine

Receiving things

In my mind

Sometimes oh sometimes

Sometimes so simply

Lover, yes I am

Lover, you know I am

Now I'm in a bar

That's got to be where they are

Going to dance in the bar

They're going to fight on the floor

Faster than I can see

Now I gonna score

Make for the door

Who is this whore?

Soon be beggin' drags

And I'm thinkin' Christ

Nullify my life

Nullify my life, oh yea

You're gonna die

Yes you gonna die, write down

You're gonna die

You gonna decease

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