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Artist :Animal Collective
Album :Fall Be Kind
Title :

On A Highway

I'm on a highway
I take a mental picture
of the place I want.
Now it's living in me.

On a highway
thinking of the one who
I left alone and hoping
I don't know how I'm coping

On a highway
I let the bad things taunt
or do they want to haunt me?
I do not know how they find me

On a highway
I watch the singing driver
on the speaker phone(?)
He mouths the words he should sing

On a highway
some pretty lilly passenger
Her toes against the window
What happened to the tunes then

On a highway
I know they are not moving
moved by conversation
I'll pretend I know what they say

On a highway
can't sit around expending
I work against the window
thats great you called (?)

On a highway
the woman calls me lucky
for all the places i stay
its hard for me not say

Ah Can't Breath(3x)

On a highway
hypnotized by sun strokes
passing by some dead bones
flowers for the dead grow

On a highway
there are some workers pissing
its starts my bladder itching
can i wait for the exit?

On a highway
the leaves are green forever
I let some hash relax me
Get lost in human pleasure

On a highway
I'm sick from too much reading
jealous of noah's dreaming
can't help my brain from thinking

Ah Can't Breath(3x)

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