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Artist :Angie Stone
Album :Unexpected
Title :

Kiss All Over Your Body

[Baby I need you to come over
I mean I need you tonight
I need you to handle your business
It's been a minute
N I'm good n ready]

Kiss all over your body baby
Touch you where you like
I wanna lay you down close the door
Give you what your yearning for

I'm missin you cuz I cant forget
when I'm kissin you how it makes me feel
inside I'm longin for your touch tonight baby
I'm feelin strong n I'm holdin on
baby don't be long bring that lovin on
something just came over me
damn its like the wildest thing
feel you deep inside of me
physically I cant see you
but I guess that's just the way it is
any moment you'll be here


hey there pretty lady
I been patiently waitin
for a chance to get you all alone n lay you down
tonight will be the perfect time cuz ain't no one around
your body's gunna be right on top of mine
tonight I'm gunna make you satisfied
baby I know jus what your lookin for
let me assure you I got so much more


we're at the point of ecstacy
I love you bein next to me
Won't you stay a while
I love it when you smile
you know I dig your style
baby the night is still so young
n we are havin so much fun
n your a gentleman
yes your welcome in
so c'mon lets do it again


[baby you are soooo good
your awesome
you know how to handle your business
yeah I feel real good right about now]

I wanna squeeze n touch n kiss your body
Ain't never had a love like this with nobody
I wanna love you all night long
I wanna do it all night long

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