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Artist :Bethany Dillon
Album :Stop & Listen
Title :

Stop And Listen

I wake up
Start the rush and pour some coffee
Things to do pile up
Oh so quickly
Too many days I feel like
I run on empty
Does anyone else out there feel like me?

But Iâ'‚¬'„¢d be a fool to forfeit....
The chance to take a moment....

For You to rise like the dawn....
Over my cold, tired heart....
What I thought I had lost....
Finds me when I stop....
Stop and listen....

Itâ'‚¬'„¢s the same slowing down lesson we all learn
But I donâ'‚¬'„¢t pay much attention
Till I crash and burn

So all together....
Letâ'‚¬'„¢s stop and sit at His feet....
My sisters and brothers....

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