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Artist :Bethany Dillon
Album :Stop & Listen
Title :

Everyone To Know

Here we go
Let in the light from my window
Say goodbye to my sorrow
And hello, new day
My soul needed a rescue
A Hero, it had to be You
I know Youâ'‚¬'„¢ve changed everything

So I want everyone to know....
Everyone to know....
I want to tell the world about Your love....

Iâ'‚¬'„¢ve thrown years away
And every chance to change
It took so much to see my pride
Iâ'‚¬'„¢ve thrown punches in the air
Chased after love that wasnâ'‚¬'„¢t there
I know only You satisfy

To all the broken hearted....
The crippled and the weak....
We are all invited to taste and see....
To all of those who are searching....

Come find what you seek....
It is the truth that we all need

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