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Artist :Ashanti
Album :Chapter II
Title :

The Story Of 2 (Dreammaker)

Baby I'm thinking about
Just what I wanna do, just what I wanna do
I don't care if I'm wrong
I think I'm in love with you, think I'm in love with you
All of my friends say that I'm moving too soon
I don't care what they say, I want to give myself to you

Dream maker, make my dreams come true tonight
If I close my eyes, will you hold me tight, all night?
Dream maker, here's what we gon' do tonight
We gon' make sweet love til the morning light, yeah, yeah

I want you to have me
All to yourself, all to yourself
I got to be with you, be with you
I don't want no one else, I don't want no one else
You given me everything
I couldn't ask for more
I need to be with you
Without you, I just can't go on


I'm gonna tell y'all
A little something about dreams
Dreams really, really, really do come true
See, I've got a dream maker, how about you?
Dreams are made not by one, but by two
Y'all know what I'm talking about?
Let me tell y'all what I'm talking about


Thank you, thank you
You're all so kind, so kind
Hope you all have enjoyed the evening
But right before I get up out of here
I wanna leave y'all with this one thought: it's murda,...

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