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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :Love Never Dies
Title :

What A Dreadful Town

What a dreadful town, what a vulgar place

What an awful mistake to have come here

To be on display in that shameless way

For the crude common lower-class scum here

How do they dare to treat us so?

Father dear, come play with me

Come and see this toy I've got

What a snub at most from our so-called host

Did he think sending freaks would be funny?

Could the fool have thought that our pride was bought

By his filthy American money?

What a farce, what an outright slap in the face

It's an utter disgrace

I've got a mind to pack and go

Never you mind the debts we own

Who would believe we've sunk this low?

Father please, come play with me

Please tell the boy the answer's no

Must you make that racket?

It's the aria I'm to sing

It hurts my head

Please, let's not fight, dear

I'm sure that no one intended a slight, dear

Don't you patronize me

It's your fault we came here

We need the money, that's all

That's why things haven't been right, dear

Why doesn't it surprise me

That I get the blame here?

Let's leave tonight, dear

If that would serve to ease

Your troubled mind

Leave the hurt behind

Father dear, come over here

And look at what they gave to me

Wind the top and father, see

Look, it plays a melody

I need some air

Raoul, please

Please what?

Nothing, nothing, only

Raoul, don't drink anymore

Father never plays with me

Doesn't he love me?

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