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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :Love Never Dies
Title :

Please, Miss Giry, I want to go back...

Please, Miss Giry

I want to go back

I want my mother

The world is hard

The world is mean

It's hard to keep

Your conscience clean

Please, you're hurting me

The sea is calm

The sea is gray

It washes

Everything away

I can't swim

Don't worry, it's almost over

Sink into the deep

Blue and cool and kind

Then drift off to sleep

Let the past unwind

Leave the hurt behind



No, I'm not done yet

Let go of the boy now

Not another step

Let go of him, girl, or I promise you

Not another word

Always wondered

How to make you watch

Well, watch me now

I took a little trip to Coney Island

I took a little trip because of you

I did as Mother said and followed where you led

And tried to do what little I could do

Well, here's the way it works on Coney Island

They make you pay for every little crumb

I gave what they would take, I gave it for your sake

Now look at me and see what I've become

Bathing beauty on the beach

Bathing beauty in her dressing room

Bathing beauty in the dark

On their laps, in their arms, in their beds

Meg, my little Meg

What are you saying?

Who helped you raise the money?

Who helped the permits come through?

Who greased the wheels of your high flying deals

Bought you time when the bills came due?

Who swayed the local bosses

Curried favor with the press?

No, not her

And who kept singing, desperate for your favor

Who kept dancing, hoping you would save her

Who kept dying and this is what you gave her

Now that I've got your attention at last

Here's the big finish and then you can go

Give me the gun, Meg

Give me the hurt and the pain and the gun, Meg

Give me the blame for not seeing the things

That you've done, Meg

Give me the gun, Meg

Give me the chance to see you clear at last

See me clear at last

You feel ugly, you feel used

You feel broken, you feel bruised

Ah, but me, I can see all the beauty underneath


You've been robbed of love and pride

Been ignored and pushed aside

Even so, I still know there is beauty underneath


Diamonds never sparkle right

If they aren't set just right

Beauty sometimes goes unseen

We can't all be like Christine

Christine, Christine

Always Christine

No, I didn't mean to

Mother, there, say something

Say anything

Giry, go get help, now

Where's Papa?

He should be here

Where's Papa?

Your father, your real father

Look with your heart and not with your eyes

The heart understands, the heart never lies

Believe what it feels and trust what it shows

Look with your heart, the heart always knows

Love is not always beautiful

Not at the start

So open your arms

And close your eyes tight

Look with your heart

And when you find love


Once upon another time, our story had only begun

I had a taste of joy, the most I ever knew

Now there isn't any time and somehow our story is done

And what about the boy, what am I to do?

Just love, just live

And give what we can give

And take the love that you deserve

Just love, just live

And give all that I have

And take what little I deserve

Come closer, I beg you

Closer still

Remember love never dies

Kiss me one last time

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