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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :Love Never Dies
Title :

Dear Old Friend

5, 6, a-5, 6, 7, 8

Bathing beauty, on the beach

Bathing beauty, say hello

What a cutie, what a peach

Bathing beauty, watch her go

(Alright, Meg, take 5, girls, take it one more time)

Bathing beauty, on the beach

Very nice, Meg

Do you think so, mother, really?

You've come a long way since the beginning of the season

Does he agree?

It's been three months, he never comes to see the show

Even a word from him, just one

You may get more than that

He has been composing again, late at night

Not this cheap Vaudeville trash, something glorious

For, for me?

Continue to work hard

Make yourself useful to him


Patience, Gustave, first I must find the stage manager

My dressing room, the musical director

Then we'll go look for our friend and go see the island?

I'm sure he'll send for you when he's ready

Well, excuse me, miss, would you mind?

Heaven help me, could it be?

No, it couldn't possibly

Sorry, do I?

Yes, I think you do

Have we?

Go on, take a guess

Wait, it can't be, is it?


Oh, my God, I can't believe it's you

Look at you, Christine

Regal as a queen and beautiful

Meg, and you as well

I could hardly tell it's you

My dear old friend

Can't believe you're here, old friend

After all this time

So glad you came

You look sublime

You look the same

My sweet old friend

Never thought we'd meet, old friend

Look at you, a star

And you, a wife

And isn't life a splendid thing?

And here we are

To see the sights

And sing

To sing?

And of course, as a treat for my son

Meg, meet Gustave

Who hired you to sing here?


It can't be you

Is this a jest?

How can this be?

We've come to work

At whose request?

The contract's here

I want to see

My God, the price

It's rather high

Why, it's absurd

Oh, yes, I know

Inform your boss

That by the by

The fee goes up

Or else we go

My dear old friend

Here's how things appear, old friend

He who pays the bill

Times two or three

Be sure he will

And handsomely

And dear old friend

Now that we are clear, old friend

That's all very well but till you're gone

You'll wait upon my boss' whim

Ah, yes, your boss and who is that?

It's him

Sorry, did I hear you right?

Here to sing

Tomorrow night?

I'm afraid there must be some mistake

You can't be performing


Mainly, dear 'cause so am I

I'm in fact the star, for heaven's sake

What are you to sing?

Just one little thing, an aria

Please you needn't fret

I'm sure you will get your due


That's what I said

You work for him?

Now so do you

And my poor wife

We thought him dead

She'll be appalled

Unless she knew

Darling, please, are you alright?

(Tell me now, that music, who was its creator?)

Darling, please don't squeeze so tight

(Something's going on here, I'll deal with you later)

Did you know?

How could I know

Why would they come?

Why won't they go?

My dear old friend

Can't believe you're here, old friend

Speaking as your host

As an artist

What a surprise

To say the least

Yes, dear old friend

That's a happy tear, old friend

I can't conceal, try though I may

The way I feel so I pretend

I'm sure it's clear

To such a dear old friend

You mustn't stay

Why would I leave?

Why are we here?

Don't play naive

What dear old friends

Don't we all live here, old friends?

Nothing has been changed

And never will

Just rearranged

And yet we're still

Such grand old friends

Such devoted and old friends

Words cannot suggest

What's in my heart

And for the rest

Why even start?

My dear old friends

So much longer near, old friends

Back again at last

When everyone

Is doing great

Won't this be fun?

With dear old friends

Utterly sincere old friends

Honey, break a leg

Madame, good day

Enjoy your stay

Hope it extends

So glad you're here

A lovely dear old friend

Old friend

Gustave, Gustave, Gustave?

Must we always be chasing after the boy?

I promise you, when I find him

No, I will look for him

Break's over, mate, back to work

A-5, 6, 7, 8

Bathing beauty, on the beach

Bathing beauty, say hello

What a cutie, what a peach

Bathing beauty, watch her go

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