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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :Love Never Dies
Title :


Who are you, where are you taking me?

I'm Miss Fleck

The Mighty Squelch

Doctor Gangle

At your service

And his

Come along and follow us, come and follow faster

Come along and follow us, come and meet the master

Hurry up and follow us, hurry if you care to

Soon the dark will swallow us, follow if you dare to

Is this where Mr. Y lives?

This is where he works

Step lively, child

He is waiting

What is this place?

This is my realm, illusion's domain

Where music and beauty and art are first rate

Go look around while I finish my work

May I?

What's this?

Just a song I have made

Go on

I think it's beautiful

Beautiful, beautiful notes

Beautiful, beautiful sounds

Don't you agree?

It's beautiful

This boy

So very beautiful

This music

Music that comes on control

He plays like me

Floating and lovely and bold

He's just 10 years old

10 years old

My God, my God

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