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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :Love Never Dies
Title :

Ah, Christine!

Ah, Christine, my Christine

What a triumph you gave me tonight

My Christine

All the dark silent years now set right

Ah, Christine

The song was beautiful

It sounded beautiful

Every note, every word

And it felt beautiful

And I felt beautiful

Lost in the music once more

Feeling it rise up and soar

Alive once again

My dearest wife

Little Lotte, I beg you, forgive me

Raoul, no

Little Lotte

Ah, what fools we once were

Long ago in our youth

In Paris at the opera

Romantic idiot

Those two people are gone

Now I must go

Our choices are made

The opera is done

The last notes have been played

May your angel of music

Watch over you now

And give you what I wish

I gave you somehow

Yours, in regret


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