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Artist :Bill Withers
Album :+ 'Justments
Title :


You want to take me to a doctor

To talk to me about my mind

To try to give directions to some places

That I don't really want to find

Trouble in me is not related

To things that I might say or do

I'm really not that complicated

Your good doctor friend, he oughta talk to you

I notice that he can't remember

Things that he never should forget

And why does he spend his evenings

Smoking them funny cigarettes?

I have a friend that knows your best friend

He goes some places where she goes

He said he saw y'all at a party

Sniffing white powder up your nose

You got the nerve to call me narrow-minded

'Cause I'm not loose and indiscreet

But people lying down always get blinded

By people standing on their own two feet

Life is just a shadow

That I just can't seem to find sometimes

But I guess I'll make it

'Cause I found out that it's really in my mind

You shouldn't take it too seriously

'Cause it really ain't gon' last too long

You really only got two choices

You can lay down and be weak

Or you can stand up where you're at

And still be strong

Tomorrow depends too much on today

And yesterday

All that gentleman is to you is gone

All you find out looking back

Is the fact that both of us was wrong

Both of us was wrong

You're talking right to me

But you really ain't saying a thang

You're pouring muddy water on me

Trying to convince me it's rain

You're talking to me crazy

But you're trying to make me feel insane

You're like a Sunday family

Digging animals in a zoo

But while you're looking at monkeys

Monkey's looking dead at you

Two people getting done

Trying to figure out who's doing who

If you're throwing dirt at people

You got to get some dirt on you

I got to take a tone of lies

Just to get an ounce of truth from you

You're like a man loving Jesus

That says he can't stand a Jew

Get on down and play the dozens

Talk about four folks

From your mamma to your cousins

You down there

You know what I'm talking 'bout

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