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Artist :Black Eyed Peas
Album :The End
Title :

Valley Of The Dolls

I grabbed a lady and shook her like a dog
I fingered her pussy
cum was drizzling outta her pussy
lemme see some hard pussy
yeah i say pussy yo man
a hump is what you need, girl
i got the thing you need
i passed her a gift box
she opened it
she ask what is it?
i said its my dick
wanna suck it?
and she'll be like yeah yeah yeah
of course she will
she sucked it very hard
i felt it go down her throat
mmmmmmmm yeah
she is sucking my dick!
i cum so much that it over flows her mouth
she'll be all oh yeah lets do it again.

We went to the valley of dolls
i settled her on a doll
she was naked
she was fingerin' herself
she is all horny now
i said babe lemme rape you
oh yes!!!!
i pulled off my boxers
i pulled my cock out
and i stuck it in her pussy
my cock went in and out
she moaned the whole time
now i know she likes it
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
oooooooh yyeah

(girl speaks)
on my god
he is so good
but i'm cheatin' on him
please don't tell him

this man is a tab better than him
if he got better i would marry him
this other man takes me on a roller coaster
i'll be riding his dick like crazy
but i like to suck my man's cock too

he'll be like i'm charlie brown
i'll say yeah right
he'll say mama shit
i'll say your bullshit
oh yeah mama he says
i yell out oh rape me
i feel like spraying out cum
so come fuck me
i'll be like you the man
he'll be like mama shit
i'll be like my pussy has cum coming out of it
he'll be like wanna get more cum?
i'll say yeah but in my mouth
he'll be dumping his dick in my mouth
and he squirted out cum
in my mouth and all over my body in one shot
i'll be like this is good cum man!

mama shit
mama shit
mama shit
mama shit
mama shit
(repeat line 10 more times)

oh bullshit
(repeat 3 times)

oh no shit shit shit
(repeat 1)

no no no
(repeat 1 more)

Pussys and dicks match after all!


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