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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :Love Never Dies
Title :

Arrival of the Trio

SQUELCH: Are you ready to begin?
Are you ready to get on?
You're about to start out
on the journey of your lives.

GANGLE: If you're ready then get in,
once you're in then we'll get gone.
And who knows once it goes
where you'll be when it arrives?

FLECK: It's a fun house where the mirrors
all reflect what's real.

FLECK & GANGLE: And reality's as twisted

as the mirrors reveal.

And the fun is finding out what the mirrors show...

GUSTAVE: Everything and everyone,
it's all just how I dreamed.
All the freaks and all the fun,
exactly how I dreamed!
And Phantasma still awaits...
Wonder what's behind its gates?

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