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Artist :Black Eyed Peas
Album :The Beginning
Title :


Someday I'm gonna get it right, my life
Someday I'm gonna figure it out, maybe tonight
Coz I know I'ma get it right
And I know I'ma get it right
Someday, ooh ho hohoho
One day, ooh ho hohoho

I'm 'bout to get it, 'bout to get-get-get it
Can't do with little coz I'm big-big Willie
I'm 'bout to do it just like Bill Gates did it
Coz I was born, I was born to kill it
Gimme more dollars, gi-gimme more dollars
I need it bigger, I'm too big for smaller
I keep on walking like I'm blue color
I'm 'bout to get it, baby, in ?*?


Just breathe...
Now breathe...
Drop it

I came here from the Phillipines

In the plane with some big big dreams
I left everything I knew behind me
Like my mom and my family
People tell me that I ain't gonna make it
I got a fingure aimed at all of them hatesr
In a minute you're gon' catch the vapors
Coz in a minute I'ma get my paper


Someday you're wondering
if you're really gonna make it (oh yeah)
And sometimes you wanna know
is there anyone to save you (oh yeah)
I know you've been down before
like underneath the ground (under the ground)
Still got a little chance
to turn it all around (turn it around)
Soon your time will come
so, give it all you got (give it all you got)
Don't stop believing
so, give it all you got (give it all you got-got-got-got-got-got....)

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