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Artist :Black Dub
Album :Black Dub
Title :


Black ice was everywhere
At every corner but we didn't care
Silveradi, silver nights, Silverado
The laughter would not quit
It really felt like it was it
Silveradi, silver nights, Silverado

The depth of the dream we fell in
Not for any tongue to speak in
Ah, yes, it's all right to see
The light to eternal land
Silveradi, silver nights, Silverado

Sweet empire time
Before the bomb burned out the rhyme
Silveradi, silver nights, Silverado
The fever was so strong
And the nights were never wrong
Silveradi, silver nights, Silverado

No worries came to mind
We blazed it, knew no time

Drunk on a silver moon
Singing out their own tune
Silveradi, silver nights with you, Silverado

The room was hell on fire
As the engines were desire
Oh, the nights of the silver needle, Silverado
It finally dawned on me
Like the pounding of the sea
Those silver nights had slowly faded on Silverado

Don't stand in the cold for too long
We want you staying strong
Don't walk the plank for your song
Going to miss you when you're gone

Silveradi, silver nights, with you Silverado
Silveradi, silver nights, my Silverado
Silveradi, silver nights, on Silverado

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