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Artist :Black 47
Album :Bankers & Gangsters
Title :

Red Hugh

Another sleepless night

On a foreign shore

Candle flickers by my bed

Locks bolt my door

I drink too much wine

But it gives my brain relief

Stops the meanderings

That root me from my sleep

I stare out at the night

From a sweat-soaked bed

The Queen lays plots in London

But she won't have my head

The candle gutters

The smell sweeps me back

To the icy fields of Kinsale

The bodies burning black

Fire and lightning protect Tirconaill

Fire and brimstone rain down on London

They'll long remember Red Hugh O'Donnell

I could not join that battle

I gave orders from my horse

Wick low snows had withered

The toes inside my boots

Still a fever of anxiety

Racks my bones

All my friends dead

On Kinsale's icy roads

Oh, were I back in Ulster

I'd dive in Swilly's foam

Her crystal waters

Would soothe my soul

Dispatches from O'Neill

He grows old and cautious

Our allies are deserting

My blade would rip their stomachs

If Philip won't help

I'll return alone

O'Neill longs for an armistice

What profit in a peace

With a queen who'll break her word

I swear to God

That bitch will taste my sword

I'll drag her red wig from her head

Pull out her poisoned tongue

I must get back to Ulster

The candle is dead

There's footsteps at my door

They halt

I'm tormented by that whore

Who waits at court in London

For word of my demise

Her agents hunt me everywhere

But I will not be taken

By any of her men

My head will not grace London's spike

I'll fight her to the end

Tonight I sup with James Blake

An honest man is he

He's promised me three ships of war

We'll sweep Lizzie from her throne

I will take my place

High King of the Irish

Defender of my faith

With O'Neill as my adviser

O'Byrne at my side

I'll rule with justice

But now the dawn is breaking

On this foreign shore

I will arise and say my prayers

Tomorrow I'll go home

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