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Artist :Aretha Franklin
Album :More Gospel Greats
Title :

A Change Is Gonna Come

There's an old friend

That I once heard say

Something that touched my heart

And it began this way

I was born by the river

In a little tent

And just like the river

I've been runnin' ever since

He said it's been a long time comin'

But I know my change is gonna come, oh yeah

He said it's been too hard livin'

But I'm afraid to die

I might not be if I knew what was up there

Beyond the sky

It's been a long, a long time comin'

But I know my change has got to come, oh yeah

I went, I went to my brother

And I asked him, "Brother

Could you help me, please?"

He said, "Good sister

I'd like to but I'm not able"

And when I, when I looked around

I was right back down

Down on my bended knees, yes I was, oh

There've been times that I thought

I thought that I wouldn't last for long

But somehow right now

I believe that I'm able, I'm able to carry on

I tell you that it's been a long

And oh it's been an uphill journey, all the way

But I know, I know, I know

I know my change is gonna come


I had to cry all night long, yes I did


I had to give up right, for what I knew was wrong

Yes it's been an uphill journey

It's sure's been a long way comin', yes it has

It's been real hard every step of the way

But I believe, I believe

This evenin' my change is come

Yeah, I tell you that my change is come

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