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Artist :Amorphis
Album :Skyforger
Title :


Inside this nonexistence

I know very clearly

The directions, all the points

Of every potential quarter

I forge my wisdom

Into an arc surrounding all

I forge my heartbeat

To a dome all heavens wide

I know the sun and the moon

The names of stars

Their movement and purpose

I mark the place of Polaris

On these impossible heights

I forge the horizons

I craft them for flowing blood

I forge the places

Precise for silver, precise for gold

In solitude I measure out

The range of barren lands

I draw into the nothingness

The intersecting curves

I look at all directions

I look at one clear point

I see them all come together

I see into the heart

This here is my place, it is my work

I was made the maker of the sky

I am the maker of the sky

I am the forger of the arc

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