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Artist :Amorphis
Album :Skyforger
Title :

Course of Fate

Got a maid from the lands of north

A wife from lands so strange

The work of gods was at last replaced

By days and nights of men

She wakes beside me

She stands by me

She stares at our sky

She lives our lives

In the beginning of all time

The sounds of war, I sanctified for work

Cries of terror harmonized to a song

Spirits of wrath restrained

But now dead is my wife

Ripped apart by iron teeth

Slashed by the claws of steel

The ancient venom surfaced again

She lies in the ground

She's gone from me

She stares without eyes

She stares at me

Poisoned by bane of riches

Betrayed by lies manifold

Slayed by wretched avenger

The ancient venom turned the course of fate

She woke beside me

She stood by me

She stared at our sky

And lived our life

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