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Artist :Architecture In Helsinki
Album :Moment Bends
Title :

Yr Go To

Ready or not,
Could this be true,
I feel the same vibration when,
I'm Your Go To.
I'm Your Go To.

Chains are broken,
people livin' in doubt,
it took a sentimental melody to figure it out.
I was the drama you wanted way back when,
I throw my hat back in the middle can we do it again.

Melbourne city people understand,
what it means to be a lover in the palm of your hand.
I took a chance on rhythm,
It passed me by,
and it'll only stop beatin if you keep askin' me why

Don't be complescent,
We need to let it go.

Chains are broken,
and we're livin' in doubt,

It took a sentimental moment just to figure it out.
Set me free, on the otherside.

Don't be complescent,
we need to let it go.

And disguise is so..
catchin' fire up before i told ya.

In the sky beggin' for approval,
makin' out in the cloud but movin' slow.

Ready for me and you,
I feel the same sensation when I go.
Ready or not,
could this be true,
I feel the same vibration when,
Im Your Go To
Im Your Go To

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