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Artist :Blue October
Album :Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening With Blue October
Title :



I'm gonna find a way to die

I'm living only for a lover

And the death of you and I

But if you find a way to break my back

With needles, thread, and guilt

Will you cover me in kerosene

And burn my strychnine quilt

Yeah, will you spit upon the path I took

Will you cry from all the drugs I took

Will be my little come down hook

And I'll never ask again

Will I wake up feeling half of you

Has been striped or torn in two

To kill a young man's point of view

Is to kill his only friend

Oh, oh


We're gonna find a place to live

I'm packing only means for red wood dreams

It's a place that you'll be excepted

Oh fuck the world

Just a boy and a girl

But it's that leach you'll have to shake

Through the love we'll need to make

Call me sure

Yeah I'm sure I said

I said I'm open wide

But you really have to understand

We'll build a water slide

If you're brave enough to hold my hand

Oh, oh

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