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Artist :Amorphis
Album :Skyforger
Title :

Majestic Beast

In the bowels of rocky mountain

A fiery bird I forged

Forged from iron, from molten steel

A flaming eagle, majestic beast

On the wings of my eagle

To black river I flew

To the dale of the dead

To the stream that grinds all flesh

The eagle soared sky high

Touched the vault of heaven

The sky sparkled, cracked and creaked

The eagle soared sky high

Soared my flaming griffin

The thunder crashed and rolled

Rolled the monster's head

I found a monster, a black giant pike

From its jaws my eagle saved me

Dragged the fish under the sun

Split its belly, ripped the head off

I rolled the pike's head to the house of the north

I threw the bony skull at the haughty queen

Here's a throne for you to rest your frozen bones

I have done my share, now keep your promise

I had made the heavens, forged out a miracle

The snake infested field of death turned over

Slayed the wolf of shadow lands

Shackled the bear of death

I captured the impossible

The pike from the black river

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