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Artist :Beastie Boys
Album :Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Title :

Here's a Little Something for Ya

Yes, yes, yes

Ill out the gate, I set it off
I suppose you're exposed, so get lost
You break off, cut all connections
Join the sucker emcee witness protection

[Mike D]
Muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-MIKE D!
Slip off my lows in the place to be
Always on time so I never botch
The tick to the tock of the Mike D watch

Now here's a little somethin for ya!
I'ma grab a little and store yah
Do some balancin for yah
And if you feelin chilly I'ma get you a shawl

Get ready, get set (get set - get set)
Place your bet (your bet - your bet)
What you get (you get - you get)
Cause I ain't done yet, done yet, done yet
Get ready, get set (get set - get set)
Place your bet (your bet - your bet)
What you get (you get - you get)
Here's a little somethin for ya!

[Mike D]
Honest Mike, what? Honest Mike D
Don't really get in the press like Z
Cause I speak my conscience, and speak my mind
Don't trip and flip, and then I stop to find

Queens up front, Brooklyn's in the back
Laugh and crack guns while squads smokin crack
The odds are stacked, for those who lack
Been a lucky motherfucker when it comes to that

I, slow roast, I'm steady tappin
Oh yes, I guess I'm the toast of Manhattan
In Miami, I'm sleazy with John Salley
Shout to Andre, Lee on tally


This shit is crazy
This shit is cra-zyyyy! (DING)

Dr. Karl to proceed, a/k/a Jewish
Dr. Bombay is the ladies choice
Step on stage so we smoke and dry moist
Every time I bring it twoice as noice

Now he's a breddern, take an Excedrin
Aldermen check your rhymers to be hedrin
I'm undefined, I'm gettin much finer
Steady loungin in my La-Z-Boy recliner

[Mike D]
Bruisin and jabbin, amped up on coffee
Like kids goin wild at the sight of Mr. Softee
I smash around the corner (GASP) and sneakin up
When you're breathin down your neck (GASP) just keepin up


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