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Artist :Beastie Boys
Album :Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Title :

Long Burn The Fire

This is , some nasty shit,
Bring it!

Jump out the window on ,
My style is iller than the gallows in ,
I'm the type of mc with the most possessed
You stealing my book like I was ,
I be , history , Jesus
Long lung expectorants ,
, player, ,extreme
Long white fire when I step on the scene
I got shark teeth so I can bite your head
I got tiger claws so I can scratch your ,
I got wings like a dragon when I'm flying above
Shoot , from my eyes when it's time to get rough
Step back and check yourself

So if you feel the , reach for yours ,

, back and came ,
, and I'm chilling
, back of a ,car
I make you sick like its ,
I check my rear view and see he's getting closer
, disco donut
,you heard me back nut now watch me dance
,you can hear I ,
Been in the game and the game's still on
, ain't nobody , genie
, I'm running, ,taco bell
My team know ,
Freaky music ,burning truck
So a rapper might be no , locks.

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