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Artist :Against Me!
Album :Total Clarity
Title :


An inventory has been taken of every belonging.

An estimated value if sold in event of emergencies.

The only backup plan in case it doesn't work out,

in losing all semblance of coherence to a former self

you know, I am becoming the choices we're making.

There are problems,

problems with everything,

problems, problems with everything

Sometimes it's like conversations are a waking dream,

from a third party perspective.

An audience to the self, you can almost hear the sound travelling.

(Fucking travelling)

This constant feeling of anticipation, while all of the sudden you know what's going to happen.

These are the paranoia's that have filled your world.

They neither eat nor sleep, they have no name.

You know here in the worst I will become the best of them all.

No more problems, problems with anything

No more problems, problems with anything

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