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Artist :Angie Martinez
Album :Up Close & Personal
Title :

Mi Amor

ft. Jay-Z

[Chorus: Jay-Z (Angie Martinez)]

How you say my love in spanish? (Mi amor)
(How you say my love in thug) Can I hit it raw?
In the backseat of my jeepor maybe on the floor
(Easy papi) Nah mamiteach me more
(Tr'teme especial means treat me special)
I ain't got no time for that nowdame un beso
(Wanna keep a good girl like I told you before)
(Easy papi) Yeahteach me more

I like fast carsI love faster chicks
You don't need a small waistI take ass and tits
Love chicks that deep throatlove bein left alone
on a Sunday afternoon with the remote
Love havin my cake plus eatin it too
ShitI got cake what the fuck I'm 'posed to do
Like chicks to dressbut I love a good shoe
Sophisticated mama with love for the hood too
Love sexin girls on that boricua shit
Love black girls that's when the Levi's fit
Chicks that play hard to get on that Aaliyah shit
If at first I don't succeedthen believe I split
Can you blame me? Young buckdirty-ass pops trained me
Moms allowed itdaddy was about it (Bout it)
Game got inherited
Mama said if you find love you better cherish it
Teach me!


[Angie Martinez]
I like to slow danceI like to romance
I like to.. stroll through the park holdin hands
Ask me how my day wastell me "Ma lookin pretty"
On Sundays in the cut watchin "Sex and the City"
Havin long talks and good lovin in the mornin
Walk them dogs when my body is callin
Flesh air force cuts a wound with a line
No stress of coursecause I don't have the time
Like to wine and dine but please hold your liquorcuz
I'm rollin with ya and I hate a silly nigga
Like 'em rough and ruggedlove it when you tug it
You buggin out of line on that thug shit is nothin
Dealt with cats before that I had to train
Dealt with cats that's poor and a cat with fame
One who played basketball and I had more game
So por favorpapi stay in your lane



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