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Artist :Big Tymers
Album :Hood Rich
Title :


You know
Do it big nigga
If you don't do nothing do it bigfuck it
Ain't like your stupid ass gonna live twice
Ball like a dawgnigga fuck it
If you doin it small do it bigknow what I'm sayin'
Hey Freshwhat's happenin' with you partna

[Manny Fresh]
Big starsBig cars
Big showsBig hoesBig drawers
Big drama with baby mammas
Get a wheelspay her billsBig Tymin
Big tittiesBig cities
Dike bitches that love eatin' kitties

Big whips with Big clips
Big everything round hereBig dicks
Real niggasBig niggas
Fuck with usmanwe kill niggas
Big rockscooking pods
Crack in a hustladon't stop

[Manny Fresh]
Big screenswe fiends
Fuck itfive NFL teams
Big piecesBig caprices
Fuck cousins and even nieces
Big bankBig rank
A lot of vodkaBig drinks

Big pimpin'with no sippin'
Hard on hoesso bitch keep limpin'
Big truckswith Big guts
Chromed pipeswe carry Big nuts
Big showscar shows
I'll be there on the winterfo sho

[Manny Fresh]
Big seatsBig trucks
Gotta have space for Big nuts
Big loveon dubs
My shit - - - - -
Big gutso what
(she ain't a dime bitch)
I don't really give a fuck

This is for all my niggas
We gon' ride uptown on this one
Big G in a capri
Mac in a clip and sittin' on a C
Big meBig SeatoBig EltonBig Tanto
We running streets
Big whopwith Big glocks
Bitch ass fillin' Clarol don't stop

[Manny Fresh]
This weekBig freak
Can't talk cause she gots splash on her teeth
Big rimsBig rubbers
Big dicksBig chicksmy lovers
Big hotYou're not

Big flakeswith Big capes
Fuck itfuck a police chase
I'm Big Tymin
Big lines
Number 1 stunna daddy it's my time
Big chipsBig dips
I ain't gonna lie the bitch got Big lips


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