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Artist :Big Tymers
Album :Hood Rich
Title :


[Man:] Ladies and gentlemen, see its like
Hello, Hello, Hello
[Woman:] Hello Hello
[Man:] See baby
Hello, Hello, Hello
[Woman:] Hello, Hello

[Verse 1]
[Man:] Now I been trying to fuck with you since 7th grade
[Woman:] But I didn't want to fuck with you, cause you wasn't paid
[Man:] By the time I got to tenth grade baby I was pushing dimes
[Woman:] And who would ever think you would get paid off for saying rhymes
[Man:] Now I fucked you and your sister too
[Woman:] My auntie and my cousin Boo
[Man:] But I think I should let you go
[Woman:] Tell me, why you don't love me no more

[Conversation between man and woman. Arguing]

[Man:] See, I wanna chick that keep it real, know what I'm sayin? Like fuckin' real tities!

[Woman:] Real tities?

[Man:] Real nails and all that kinda shit. Ya know?
Not real big, (laughs) ya know, I don't like it real big I ain't gonna lie baby you been eatin a lot lately.
You like,

[Woman:] Whatever.

[Man:] I can't fuck with nobody bigger that me and you like, almost bigger than me. See?

[Woman:]Go on.

[Man:]You dig?

[Verse 2]
[Woman:] You got a lot money now you think your shit don't smell
[Man:] But you wouldn't accept my calls when I went to jail
[Woman:] Now I been waiting for you everyday
[Man:] But I here messy shit from niggas around the way
[Woman:] Now I kept the pussy on lock till u got out
[Man:] But what about the freaky shit that you done with your mouth
[Woman:] Nigga I hate your guts, boy you ain't shit
[Man:] Well I feel the same way about you stankass scandless bitch

[Conversation between man and woman arguing]

[Man:]Now ya see, you done fucked up!
Now its back to economy ho's for you.

[Woman:]Now I know you ain't talkin'!

[Man:]Yeah, I'm talkin! It's back to economy ho's for you: Toast bread...

[Woman:]Oh, so you got jokes?

[Man:]I called your house the other day an your phone was like "rur dahn dee!" (Laughs)
You didn't pay your fuckin' bill!
And I talked to yo son and he was like "we in da doghouse over here and I'm hungry as a mothafucka!

[Woman:]Fuck you!

[Man:]You aint right.
You see, this is one a does songs where you just sit back and you smoke a little weed, drink a little somethin', somethin. And you know think, think about, life, livin, anf ya know, fucked up situations that happen to you. But right about now I'd like to say "Thank You! Thank You! and Goodnight!" I love yall! I love yall! I love Yall!...GOODNIGHT MUTHAFUCKA!

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