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Artist :Big Tymers
Album :Hood Rich
Title :

Sunny Day

[Chorus: T.Q.]
Just like a sunny dayI'm gon' shine
You betta cover yo faceor you'll be blind
Oh big shiny bladesthat's how I ride
Just like a sunny daywatch me shine

Heyehuhn-uhn-ahuhn-uhn-ah hold onrohuh
You see them chrome on dem whodi?
Oooh-weebad mother fuckerchrome pipesand chromed out mufflers
Paint my carsand dip these rods
Re-do the insidecuz stunna gon' ball
Shine my teetswhen I hit these streets
Call hot boy Elvinto slide me a piece
Slipped it girlfed her some gas
I buh-a burnI buh-abuh-a burn ya ass
Brawlersbarsand marble's garage
Minks on the floorwith them platinum toys
Its 500 degreesits hot as fuck (uh uh-auh uh-a)
Believe me boymy shit diced up
I stay one wayI play every day
Its February 15thstunnahows the day?

[Mannie Fresh]
Now if you believelike I believe
We can get to the mountain top
We can achieve what Martin was talkin bout
Whats all the barkin bout?
I'm a man playaon my two feetthats how I'm walking out
Alot of these chumps niggas say I just bling too much
But alot of yall ain't doing nothingy'all just dream too much
And all of y'all niggas ain't coming up to nuttin but a big ole zero
And in case you didn't know niggaI'm the hood hero


Its like a sunny dayplus I'm getting money today
With no funny playcuz I got the gun at my waist
And like stunna sayfeeling like a hunter today
Millionmommy finebut she got bumps in her face
But it ain't nothing but a G thang baby
So I'ma hit it in the back of my Mercedes
We on dubsits all lovethis shit crazy
And Cash Money is the label that made me

[Mikkey - overlapping last verse]
Mikkey take em churchits on you what you take from this verse
We like a cedarwe just straight from the dirt
So its in uswe stucklike its in us to
cock..that..thang..back..and dump
Pleaseyou don't want it wit us
Now they say money makes the world go round
But for the right price
Stunna said yo girl done with the opposite of up
More than music this is rap hustlin
This is money mackin and publishin
Death before strugglingthats shine daddy



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