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Artist :Big Tymers
Album :How U Luv That
Title :


See these broadsI like'em and shit
Wish I couldgive all these hoes a picturemy dick
See I like'em and psyche'emthen I get in the win
I might just need you and leave you at a quarter past 10 but
I ain't gon' lieyo' pussy was good
But your mouth is better so I wish you would
Workin' your way down to the Diz-nickuh huh
It feels so good when you do the liz-nick
You got doin' push-ups and I'm takin' ginseng
LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! In the middle of the ring
you got my dick hard like a '57 Chevy
Rocked upya cocked upcause I'm ready
To go up in yalet that other nigga send ya
Cards and shit while you suckin' my dick
I like you a little bit more than I'm diggin' my shirt
Ya little pretty ass dick suckin' expertBEEYOCH

See i love these broadsbut I toss'em up quick
Every trick that I getthey get flipped through the clique 2x

These broadsniggaI wsh that I could love'em all
These broadsniggaI wsh that I could fuck'em all
These broadsI let these hoes just drive my car
But these hoes know one thing that I'm a superstar
These hoes get out of lineI'ma show'em I'ma hog
And now that I'm richI show these hoes they ain't shit
And every hoe I fuck withI make suck my dick
It ain't no secretI know these hoes bout my moneyshit
But i tell a hoe quickthat she ain't shit
My main hoe playerI don't make her suck my dick
I might just get loose and wanna kiss my bitch
But not that I got a daughterI'm supposed to be lighter on a bitch
But I'm gon' be hard on these hoes for lifeshit
I'ma true U-P-T player for lifeshit
But I'ma say it againI don't love no bitches
I bout my moneynigga and fuckin' these bitches


Now I had been here for 25 years
I understand one thingthat life is a bitch
I done lost my maw and my pawmy brother and my sister all up in one year
I understand one thingI gotta ball 'til I fall
And show these hoes that money ain't no thingdawg
SeeI tell a bitch that she ain't shit
And at the same time ask that hoe to suck my dick
SeeI don't take money and mix with no bitch
Cause one thingthese hoes would lose they mind and get lost quick
It ain't no secretI make these hoes think I'll pay their shit
But I keep it real and pay my nigga shit
I say fuck a hoe and make these hoes back up
I keep it real and fuck with niggas who'll act up
And kick in yo' front dooryo' hoe told my nigga where your dope
Now you stuck out like a hoe
And my niggasdone hit a lick from yo' bitch
And all you hoes mad cause we done hit yo' shit

[Chorus 2x and talk til end]


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