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Artist :Big Tymers
Album :Vol. 2 - How You Love That
Title :

Millionaire Dream

This the life nigga

[Verse 1]
I got ten round my necktwenty on my wrist
Million dollar luck ahmillion dollar kiss
Pull up in my Lexussippin on Dom P
Call me lil' baby but you ain't know it was C.M.B.
I floss everyday wootay
Knowin to shine like a crushed wined face Roley
What the deal on the real it's all about scrill
Pretty grillspretty broadsand plenty mills ah
Ridin to myself up in my baby benz
Playin tensgoin shoppin with my lady friends
Flyin to Nashvilleme and bob splittin eighty
Then I chill on Washatona with Slim and Baby
See the $ on my back symbolize my click
See the $ around my neck symbolize we rich
Always wonderfulbut Baby gotta see it to believe it
All this ice and rich heights man it's off the heezy
Fifteen and I'm workin wit a hundred and better
And you can put that on my diamond Gucci bezel

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I got ten around my neck (mm mm)
And baguettes on my wrist [Bling]
See we ball till we fall (la la)
Livin a millionaires dream (wootay)

[Verse 2]
Since I done hit me a lickI done got some shit
That most niggas out chere can't fuck wit
Sixty- Five on rims to get they mind right
Then took the Cash Money piece and put twenty all night
Now I'ma ball till I fall if it kills a bitch
Check the crown of the Roley from the flick to the wrist
Six figures ain't enough for this game that I'm in
If I can make a hundred G's then I can make a million
Rice and Baby in a loader fuckin around with them hoes
Me and Slim was parlaying makin deals in the rose
Wayne and Manny in a hummer spit 'n game to a bitch
B.G. and Juvi in a benz bumpin hot boys this
Big Tymers oh it's nothing nice I ain't sellin for shit
If it's a Bentley that I wantit's a Bentley I get
Drop-topCD changercome equipped with the phone
Cash Money Big Tymers and we ride on chrome
Playa Haters want to picture me fallin'
If you could picture 'Pac rollinthen you can picture me ballin
Living goodlookin goodplayin cards with the ???
CMR Hot Boys Big Tymers for lifenigga
Yeah we drinkin diamonds and gold
For the nine scrillabiatch [echo]


[Verse 3]
Nigga I got million stashed so I can buy these buildings
And duck these killings
And tipping these niggas tryina have billions
I just wanna raise my two children
Going to these white folks and demandin millions
Havin 'em saying Cash Money worth figures
And tippin 'em just like Suge Knight did 'em
And I done did my dirt in the process tryna' make millions
See I done did a lot of shit in my lifetime
Likemakin moneycommitting these stupid crimes
But I still got my ghetto stripes
When I'm pimp in the game
CuzI love to hustle all through the night
Cuzwhen I hit my block it's like the Pope done stopped
I have them lil' children sayin"Baby please don't stop"
Worth six figures and I'm rich and these hoes and right
Hustlin all night so Lil' Bryan can eat right
I'm going holla at my people in Melph to make sure shit right
??? so I'ma cruise to the next life
Me and Bryan got to bitches we goin fuck tonight
If they don't give up the pussy hotel they get left tonight
That's how it be worth some G's
Man you can play them hoes like they ain't worth shit
You dig

[Baby Talking]


[Verse 4]
Young niggas wearin cracka gators
All my life eatin steak and potatoes
Valet please get the beige Mercedes
It's beautifulla ladon't hate us
Back up for the most spectacularcake stackular
Performance like Acuragot these stayin like Dracula
Vroomhow you like that diamond bezel
Blindin everything up in this bitch when I hit the shiny pedal
It's marvelousthe life I live
Smile pretty child got plenty Crystal to give
Rolex's for everyday of the week
Blowin gars in all kinds of cars will my brother Keith
Steaks and fetuccinilil' girls in bikinis
Maybe Baby might let me use his beige Lamborghini
Givin all these project hoes the weenie
On radios and videos y'all hoes seen me
Life styles of the rich and richer
Look on any bad bitch wall you goin see my picture
Wildlife on my feet everyday of the week
Now how that shit hit you
Look here Baby I'ma get wit you


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