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Artist :Beastie Boys
Album :Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1
Title :

Funky Donkey

Put this on a Zip disk, send it to your lawyer

File me under 'Funky'

Like sipping lemonade and Arnold Palmer's

Big holiday parties like Dolly Partner

Sometime I get Pad Thai as a starter

My other order pad see yes is much darker

Adam Horovitz, I take a shvitz

I'm known for my glamor and my glitz, check it

As I bust I really must encrust

This microphone rust with diamond fairy dust

I don't wear Crocs and I don't wear sandals

The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handle

Stop singing that song in the wrong key

What you looking at? Funky donkey

Funky donkey

Funky donkey

I go woo like a fire engine

Flashing lights to get your attention

Stop sweating me about the weather

Go shave a sheep and knit yourself a sweater

Don't get me heated or y'all in trouble

Bass bins booming make the dancehall bubble

Letting loose all up in the honkey tonk

With the shoopa doopa doo bedonk

Well, I was swimming in the water of the ocean

Like Dr. Jekyll with the magic potion

We're brand new, never ever the same

What's that, what's that, what's the name?

Funky donkey

Funky donkey

Funky donkey

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