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Artist :August Burns Red
Album :Leveler
Title :

Boys of Fall

Where do we go to escape the end of the
world? Did we, the dogs, open fire that you
would cast this rainstorm over our heads? This
crushing loss that brings us to our knees- is
there a way to live again when there's nowhere
to run? Is there a way to live again when
there's no way to go on? Is there a way to live
again through this tragedy? He is God. We
are just men. Who are we to question? We're
figures in a forest full of haunting trees, brushing
shoulders with death to make sure we're
alive. The whole world ahead, our hearts left
behind. Every word burns, branding broken
souls. Pushing to move on. Soon we will be
home. When you've lost your way, when you
have no words, we are your strength, when you
don't have anymore. Oh Sunday mourning,
all we had we lost. All we gained is chaos.
Where we belong is with you. All we have is
you. Please rescue us. A star can't be seen unless
all the sky decides to be dark. Every drop
of a waterfall rushes on towards the end. This
melody will move us. This song will lead us
on. Reverence is revival. This town is reborn.

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