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Artist :Blue October
Album :Any Man in America
Title :

The Feel Again

I see the sun go down on the river
I feel the wind blow out of state (to gray)
Feel the air around you its kinda closing in
Do you feel it fall? Or do you feel at all?
I can...
I see the world keep moving as I stumble
They seem to move much faster than me
And while I sit in my four cornered room
Dividing hearts for a little girl
When I can't be anything but who I am
I wish you'd stay
That was the beginning of the two of us
The start of our show
I would never have let go
I see the sun go up as your image...
I feel the weight of your eyes as you stare...
I feel it all when you, when you first,
When you kissed my lips
You used to make me feel at home
You made me feel it whole
You made me feel again
That's when you used to say
"Will you stay and not let go"
That was just the two of us to think about
The stars of our show
And you would say, "I wish you would stay"
And I'd never go

And I would never have let go
So take this heart of mine
You've taken it a hundred thousand times
This time, this time I'm gonna take it with me
See the door close down behind you
I watch your face turn from glow to straight gray
See the moon go up
And it shines this glory on my face
Who would've known? Who would know?
Who would've known?
We would stay
We should stay and never go
There was just the three of us to think about now
In our show
I think we'd stay
Would you stay
And then we'd know
That we should never have let go
Oh something to think about in our heart of hearts
Just look into those big brown eyes
And you just fall apart
Maybe we should stay
And at least you'd stay
At least she'd know
That we should never have let goテ「'ぎツヲnoテ「'ぎツヲnoテ「'ぎツヲletテ「'ぎツヲgoテ「'ぎツヲgoテ「'ぎツヲ
I wished you've stayedテ「'ぎツヲ
I wished you've stayedテ「'ぎツヲ

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