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Artist :Azari & III
Album :Azari & III
Title :


Desire in her eyes
Tells me that she wants me.
But then I realize,
She's a schizophrenic.
Sophisticated, she's so -
She's a manic.
She's manipulative.
A nuclear reaction (a static situation)
Defying infraction (endless calculation)
A foul infatuation (an empty conversation)
A fatal attraction
It's a manic - it's a manic world x 4
Successful informatic
Is trying to get his habit.
But underneath those lies,
He's a raging addict

Incorporated, he's so -
He's a manic.
He's infiltrative.
A frequent illusion (evadive sensation)
A mental inclusion (burning temptation)
The constant invasion (a final solution)
A state of confusion.
It's a manic - it's a manic world x 4
She's schizophrenic (she's a manic)
In a manic world
He's just an addict (he's a addict)
In a manic world
It's a manic world (It's a manic world)
It's a manic world
In a manic world

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