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Artist :Bei Maejor
Album :MaejorMaejor
Title :

Bundle of Joy

Verse 1
You Call Me At Work, So I Know You Got A Something To Say.
Well Hurry Up, I Only Got A Few Minutes Left On My Lunch Break.
You Take A Deep Breath, Then Say I Dont' Know If Youre' Ready.
I Said Your My Girl, So We Both Know You Better Tell Me.
She Said Weve' Been Together For So Long.
In Thinking In My Head, What Has This Women Done Wrong.
The Phone, It went Quiet. I Screamed Out Come On.
She Said, We Are Going To Be A Little Family.
Congratulations Baby Youre' Going To Be A Daddy.
Do You Mean What Think You Mean ?
She Said Yeah, Were Having A Baby ( Yes )
And I Couldnt' Be More Excited.
I Said Do You Know What This Means To Me To Hear You Say That Youre' Having My Baby.
( Yeah ) And I Wouldnt' Wanna Share This Joy With Anyone But You.
Verse 2
I Cant' Believe Im Going To Be A Dad, Going To Give My Kid What iNever Had.
Never Walk Out The Door On His Mother, Cause I Love Ya.

Its' Going To Take 9 Months To Make It. But A Lifetime Of Raising.
Oooh This Is Such A Blessing, A Little Piece Of Love From The Heavens.
I Pray The Doctor Says That All Is Good I Swear We Going Move Out This Hood Girl.
Tell Your People That I Got Us And Thats' A Promise.
So Girl Weve' Been Together For So Long.
Every Trial Weve' Been Through Has Made Us So Strong Im So Sure, I Know Youll' Be The Worlds Best Mom.
I Know You Will Hold Up Baby This Is Real.
Verse 3
You See Straight Up, Its Liek Chance Of A Lifetime.
Probably Wont' Sleep Much In The Nighttime.
But Its' Cool Cause We Added On The Lifeline.
Im So Lucky The Light Shinned On You.
From The Moment I Seen You I Knew There Was Something Different.
Always Knew That You'b Be The One Id' Have My Kids With .
Now Its Al Coming True.
Baby Its So Beautiful.
Having A Baby.
Wouldnt' Want To Share This Joy With Anyone But You.

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