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Artist :Angels and Airwaves
Album :Love Part II
Title :

The Revelator

Can you tell me your name, there?
Are you calling me out?
Are you walking my way?
Are you losing your faith?
Cause you make lots of noise, there
Are you looking for buyers?
Or a group of more liars?
Are you using your faith?
When we all have a choice, then
Will you act like a man?
Will you raise up your hands?
When the shit hits the fan?
Turning white as a ghost
As the air leaves your throat
Will you throw me a rope?
Or go at it alone?
It's a little late, in a little while
Can we forget about it?
With a little lake of a little fire
We'll take the fun out of it
Pour a little wine, take a little kneel
Pack a winter bag and wallet

Get a bit of ice and a heavy meal
There is no easy way out
As you pray for the end to come
All you'll get is a marching line
As you wait for the hounds of hell
You'll be in for a big surprise
Cause the end it will never come
But we're in for a few hard times
And we'll get knocked up, down and done
But the truth is we're still alive
Can you tell me your name, there?
Does the cat have your tongue?
Are you calling someone?
Are you waiting to run?
When the show will arrive
It will be right on time
So you better sit tight
It'll be a great ride
Where we goin'?
Come on over
No one's dying
We're fine

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