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Artist :Kellie Pickler
Album :100 Proof
Title :

Rockaway (The Rockin' Chair Song)

I've been sitting watching our love grow, you know
It doesn't seem liek it was long ago
When you carved our names in these old chairs of oak
Soaking up heaven, counting all the stars
Talking about babies, how the future ain't so far
I hope they have your brown eyes and forever loving heart
Chorus: Don't stop rockin with me, baby
Rockaway, just rockaway

The nights like an ocean off of our front porch
We're moving like waves swaying back and forth
Right now, babe, I swear I couldn't love you any more
Repeat Chorus
I whisper this rockin chair prayer every night
If yours is ever empty let mine not be far behind
Don't stop rocking with me baby
Without you it wouldn't be the same
Don't stop rocking with me, baby, rockaway. Repeat Chorus

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