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Artist :B.O.B.
Album :Strange Clouds
Title :

So Good

Drinkin' a German beer
With a Cuban cigar
In the middle of Paris
In a Dominican bar
Great head on her shoulders
She probably studied abroad
She transfered to Harvard
Then Kings college in March
She says that I'm her favorite
'Cause she admires the art
Michaelangelo with the flow
Picasso with the bar
She's well put together like a piece by Gershwin
Renaissance style
Tonight is picture perfect
So smile
And pack your bags real good baby
'Cause we'll be gone for a while
Tell me how you feel
Whats your fantasy-oh
I see it's on a beach in Mexico
You can put your feet up
Be my se๑orita
We ain't gotta rush
Just take it slow
You'll be in the high life
Soakin' up the sunlight
Anything you want is yours
I'll have you livin' life like you should
You'll say you never had it so good
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
You've never had it so good

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
Sufferin' from first class "cabin fever"
5 hour layovers from Norway to Egypt
I'm to the point like the pyramids of Giza
Still I'm to the left like the tower out in Piza
I'm feelin' single baby
I could use a feature
Swagger like Caesar
I'll get you a Visa
And we could go to Italy and maybe see the Colosseum
I'll be DaVinci if you'll be my Mona Lisa
Now smile
I'm feelin' kinda singular
Lets make it plural
Spin the globe
Wherever it lands
That's where we'll go
We'll hit up Europe
And spend some Euros
We'll maybe visit Berlin
The walls with the murals
This is your month baby
The sign of the Virgo
Proper reservations
Glasses full of Merlot
A roset, a burgundy
Trapped like turbo
Brush up on your espa๑ol
We're Barcelona bound
So smile

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