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Artist :Alan Cumming
Album :I Bought A Blue Car Today
Title :

Don?t Tell Me

Don't tell me you're a stepping stone
'Cus I'll step all over you, and won't mean it
Don't tell me I'm not capable
'Cus I'll prove that I am if it kills me
Don't try to hold me in your hand
'Cus living things move, and I surely will
You've got your friends and I've got mine
And wouldn't you know, they were right
I won't tell you that your beautiful
'Cus you'll think I want sex, and don't mean it
I won't tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.... again
I won't quote the four agreements though you'd get f*cking centered if you'd read it
I won't think of you the way I do
Don't tell me....
Take me away from the other you
The one I thought I never knew
I'm not the man you'd thought I'd be
I'm ready for another me

I've gone away from other days
I've weighed my change and changed my ways
Been crazed and turned for turns of phrase
And now I'm left with you
Why can't I love just that
Instead of all the loves that leave my bed?
And all the lives I've never led
Looks like there's still another blank page to fill
Until I've had my fill of you
So thanks for the tips on carpet
And thanks for your taste in shoes
If we could learn to love those little lessons
There'd be a little less to lose
But if you find another love whose going to hold you like me
And have these little talks until a quarter to three
And wait until you're ready for intimacy
Don't tell me
Don't tell me

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